Why burnout effects grafters and slackers and how to stop it


Why burnout effects grafters and slackers and how to stop it


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Join this webinar to understand the triggers and signs of burnout, and powerful techniques to stop it.

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Duration:1 hour
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Is burnout just another fad in a world reeling from COVID? Or is it a genuine problem, which has long been in existence but is now properly recognised?

Regarded by the World Health Organisation as a key driver of work-place absence, there's little doubt that burnout is a real and present danger, posing grave consequences for people and organisations who ignore it.

But what is burnout? What are the triggers? How do you prevent it?

In this session, participants will explore:

  • Four key work-place triggers of burnout and how to tackle them.
  • Why tackling burnout requires a wider focus than simply the work environment.
  • The critical mindset shifts required to handle arduous and long-term stress.
  • How elite performers process and respond to set-backs, using T.E.S.T.
  • How to manage long term worries, so you remain proactive about tackling your worries, but without getting consumed by them.
  • How to create rhythms and routines which energise in the toughest of times.

Speaker details:

Andrew Pain: MPSA, MICF, MIoD

Andrew is a TEDx speaker, leadership coach and ex-master procrastinator, who serves business leaders, by helping them to thrive in their roles without burning out. Andrew inspires change and solves painful leadership headaches with insightful talks/workshops, delivered in his own down-to-earth and light-hearted style.

  • How do you create powerful boundaries, so you know when to stand firm and when to roll over?

  • How can you deliver on your goals and responsibilities, without sacrificing your health, relationships and burning out?

  • How do you delegate and maximise the chances of the job being done on time and to the standard you want?

Through 2020-2021, Andrew has been working/zooming with professional groups including; The Institute of Directors, Federation of Small Businesses, Association of Project Management, as well as small to mid-sized businesses, entrepreneurs, charities and schools (working with staff and sixth form level students).

Alongside his speaking and coaching work, Andrew is closely involved with two charities:

  • Walk the walk: works with families in crisis, where children are the perpetrators of domestic abuse/violence,

  • NewStarts: supports people in financial crisis and those moving from hostel accomodation to tenancy, with emergency 7-day food parcels, free furniture, meaningful work placements and a money mentoring programme.

Andrew is also a father of 5, which means he's a peace negotiator, health and safety officer, taxi driver, cook, cleaner, charlatan and annoying comedian.