Sing-a-long a pivot table


18 October, 2021

12:30 pm - 1:30 pm BST


Sing-a-long a pivot table

Location: Virtual

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    1 hour

Join this webinar to hear from Kate Watson, Data Privacy and Digital Skills Specialist at, and Founder of, CMLW Consulting, about how you can make your data sing with this powerful data analysis tool.

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Duration:1 hour
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Programme outline

Kate will examine what causes good pivot tables to go ‘rogue’, how to best prepare your data to achieve ‘PTP’ (pivot table perfection), and apply additional elements such as calculated items/fields, layout and grouping, also visuals, to provide a variety of ways to interrogate and display your data.

The learning outcomes from PEM’s presentation include identifying:

  • Source data best practice.
  • Ways to build on the source data provided.
  • Pivot table ‘golden rules’.

NB: The example worksheets will be available beforehand as well as afterwards so that those who attend can ‘play along at home’ should they wish to do so or review the recording once it is released to watch back. The online link will be provided on request by emailing

Who will benefit?

Those of you who have to analyse data and, tell a data story to others.

Speaker’s details:

Kate Watson of CMLW Consulting is a Data Privacy and Digital Skills Specialist with a 30+ year history in technology and business. Kate’s current job involves supporting businesses in areas such as software and system implementation, communication and presentation, data protection compliance, as well as training across a range of technical and soft skill topics. She works with a range of clients and organisations from micro to global, and speaks on a variety of topics at events throughout the UK.

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