Money Laundering and Fraud in the World of Cryptocurrencies

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Money Laundering and Fraud in the World of Cryptocurrencies

Speaker: Randal Wolverton

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Virtual currency is a medium of exchange circulated over a network but is not backed by a government.

Learning outcomes

  • Understand the concepts and origins of virtual currencies, as well as the positive and negative uses of such currencies.
  • Discuss Bitcoin and why it is the most popular of virtual currencies.
  • Discuss how virtual currencies are currently used in fraud schemes.
  • Understand actual fraud-related cases where virtual currencies have been utilized."

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Virtual currency is a medium of exchange circulated over a network but is not backed by a government. The emergence of these cryptocurrencies as a new method of payment has broad implications for businesses, financial institutions and the accounting profession. In this webcast, we will review the basic concepts of virtual currencies and discuss emerging fraud threats, such as money laundering. We will highlight real-life examples and provide you with valuable hands-on experience.

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  • Randal Wolverton

    Retired FBI Special Agent Randal A. Wolverton has been a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) approximately twenty-four years. Wolverton joined the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in January 1981 where he received training at the FBI Academy, Quantico, Virginia. After graduating from the FBI Academy, he was assigned to the Kansas City Division where he worked cases involving Violent Crime matters. Wolverton was transferred in June 1982 to the Louisville Division of the FBI where he worked Violent Crime, White Collar Crime, Drugs, and Public Corruption matters. Wolverton was transferred in 1984 to the Philadelphia Division of the FBI where he worked White Collar Crime and Organized Crime matters. Wolverton was transferred in 1990 to the Kansas City Division where he worked White Collar Crime, Violent Crime, Domestic Terrorism, Health Care Fraud, and Public Corruption matters.

    Wolverton was promoted in November 2007 to the Financial Crimes Section, Economic Crimes Unit at FBI Headquarters in Washington DC and was responsible for program management of Corporate Fraud, Securities Fraud, Insurance Fraud, and Mass-Marketing Fraud matters. Wolverton was accredited as a Certified Instructor after completing the FBI Instructor Development Course and thereafter provided instruction on White Collar Crime matters to FBI Special Agents at the FBI Academy in Quantico, Virginia.

    While employed by the FBI as a Special Agent and a Supervisory Special Agent, Wolverton maintained membership with the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) and Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE). Wolverton attained accreditation from the AICPA as Certified in Financial Forensics (CFF). Wolverton has developed and provided training relating to fraud detection, investigation, and prevention to numerous law enforcement agencies, college undergraduate and graduate programs, auditors, accountants in private practice, and other professional organizations. Wolverton formerly served on the AICPA Forensic and Litigation Services Committee and is the past Chairman of the AICPA Fraud Task Force.

    Wolverton retired from the FBI after approximately 28 years of service and currently resides in Kansas City, Missouri. Wolverton is licensed as a CPA in Missouri and Kansas, and provides forensic accounting services as a Sole Practitioner. Wolverton is currently employed as a Contract Forfeiture Investigator (CFI) with the West River Group, LLC, and is assigned to work in the Kansas City Division of the FBI. As a CFI, Wolverton will work criminal cases with FBI Agents to trace illicit funds, identify assets illegally procured with criminal proceeds, and initiate forfeiture proceedings to seize the assets.

    Wolverton researched and assisted in the preparation of an AICPA White Paper entitled Conducting Effective Interviews to provide guidance to CPAs involved in engagements where interviewing skills are necessary. Wolverton researched and authored an article published in the AICPA Journal of Accountancy entitled ""What CPAs Need to Know about Organized Crime"" (April, 2012). Also in 2012, Wolverton co-edited a book entitled ""White Collar Crime – Core Concepts for Consultants and Expert Witnesses"" published by the AICPA.