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Life Without Limits

UK – South West England and South Wales

26 January, 2023

6:00 pm - 9:00 pm GMT


Life Without Limits

Location: UK – South West England and South Wales

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We are excited to offer an exclusive and unique event that will help you achieve more and accelerate your progress in your chosen career and your personal life.

This event has the potential, whatever your age or experience, to truly enhance your lives and energies your career.

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Programme outline

An uplifting talk on setting goals and personal achievement from Malcolm Kilminster.

“If you are not making the progress you would like, it is because your goals are not clearly defined” Paul Meyers, The Success Motivation Institute

Following an extended period of lockdown when many of us spent our time talking to ourselves(!) this session offers us the opportunity to share, learn and grown in a motivational environment.

During the session Malcolm will explain:

  1. The Lifetime Extender for living a longer even more fulfilling life.

  2. What goal setting really is and the proof that it really does work.

  3. The Three Year Question. Defining in detail what “good” needs to look like for us three years from now.

  4. Defining the qualities and traits we must acquire to bring us success.

  5. Overcoming obstacles and listing and resolving the issues that, right now, seem to oppose our personal ambitions.

  6. Envisioning a Bigger Future. Defining the steps we can take that really bring our Bigger Future nearer.

  7. Defining our Five Most Important Three Year Goals

  8. Confirming the most important results for us in 2023

  9. Drawing up our first 90 days checklist ensuring we make real progress in the first 90 days

  10. A resume of why goal setting will actually work for you

Malcolm has spoken some 20 times for CIMA. Here is what other delegates have said about him...

“Workshop provided invaluable advice, fantastic!”

“Positive and enlightening, an interesting speaker, not a dull moment!

“Excellent workshop, well researched material, delivered with precision”

“This workshop was very thought provoking and has got me thinking, good delivery and easy to follow”

All materials will be free of charge. Plus as a bonus, on a first come first served basis, delegates will receive a free copy of Malcolm Kilminster’s most recent book “Life Without Limits”.

About Malcolm

He is a speaker on motivation, goal setting, practice productivity and selling skills, and has given literally hundreds of speeches throughout the world. He has spoken alongside some of the greatest motivational speakers in the world and has published eight books on goals, achievement and succeeding in business.

Malcolm’s original career was in the Royal Air Force where he won a scholarship to Cranwell and trained as a navigator on Vulcan Bombers.

Malcolm became a Financial Adviser to private clients and companies in 1977. In the past 10 years he has broadened his range of work to include Whole Life Planning for his clients, delegating regulated financial advice to qualified advisers.

During his time as financial adviser he qualified for 18 years, as a member of the ‘Top of the Table’ - an association of approximately 1200 members that comprise the top 1% of the financial advisory profession worldwide.

He speaks with humour and enthusiasm on how we can all achieve more in our lives

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  • 26 January, 2023 / 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm GMT

    Location: Bristol Golf Club, St Swithins Park, Blackhorse Hill, Almondsbury, Bristol, BS10 7TP

    Price: £0.00 (CIMA members only)


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