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Imposter Syndrome: why it’s toxic and how to beat it


07 December, 2022

12:30 am - 1:30 pm GMT


Imposter Syndrome: why it’s toxic and how to beat it

Location: Online

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Understand Imposter Syndrome: what it is, the causes, and how to beat it, as well as how to process negative feedback, so it develops rather than demoralises you.

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Have you ever doubted your ability, feel like a fraud about to be exposed and believe your accomplishments are not worthy of attention or respect? This is imposter syndrome.

According to research, 70% of us have experienced it and it appears to be getting worse in the 21st century, holding people back from achieving their potential and for many, leading to long term anxiety, self-loathing, regret and depression.

In this insightful talk, you will explore:

  1. Two types of Imposter Syndrome which no one is talking about and why they matter.

  2. Three key assumptions to take on board if you want to send Imposter Syndrome packing.

  3. Three powerful self-management techniques to draw on when you're feeling inadequate and your confidence is shot to pieces.

  4. How to process negative feedback, so you're not consumed by it and can separate the helpful from the unhelpful.

  • Andrew Pain

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    Andrew is a TEDx and professional leadership speaker, on a mission to prevent burnout and create decisive and resilient communities of people, serving varied clients including: Amazon, Lloyds, NHS, Aston University, Gloucestershire County Council, Chartered Institute of Marketing etc

    With over 20 years' HR experience covering learning and development, coaching and recruitment, and as an ICF accredited coach, Andrew helps organisational leaders to resolve painful headaches, including:

    1. How do I deliver on my responsibilities and aspirations without burning out?

    2. How do I know when to play it safe and when to do something audacious? Or when to hang in there and when to walk away?

    3. How do I delegate a task to my team, and massively increase the chances of the task being completed on time and to the standard I want?

    Andrew is also a happily married father of five, which means he's a maid, porter, cleaner, cook, peace negotiator, triage nurse, tutor, health and safety officer, dietician and unappreciated fashion consultant!