Finance for Non-Finance Professionals

Financial analysis


Finance for Non-Finance Professionals

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    Course - Online

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Strengthen your business acumen and ability to work with financial information to make better business decisions. Learn from experts on your own time in a portable format.

Learning outcomes

  • Understand financial language and terminology
  • Uncover how to analyze financial information to assist in decision-making
  • Understand the basics of budgeting and forecasting to improve performance of your organization, department, and team.
  • Communicate more effectively with key stakeholders, including finance

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Talk the talk

Financial literacy

Become comfortable with financial terms and tools, so that you can participate more fully in conversations about the financial health of your business and understand how your work fits into your business’s financial picture.

Visual clarity

Learn through videos and animation that help clarify basic financial concepts and key messages in financial statements, as well as their implications for you and your business.

Learn anytime, anywhere

Fit this modular learning into your busy schedule, on your computer or mobile device.

You can click through a presentation of budget types on your smartphone over coffee.

Later, you can settle in at your computer to dive into the more challenging discussion of how using various ratios — which consider financial information in the context of internal and external factors — can help improve business performance and assist in your own decision-making.

Throughout, test your knowledge with interactive Q&As.

Budgets and forecasts

Learn from animated scenarios that demystify how budgets and forecasts help identify and manage performance across a business that is facing various challenges.

Understand what different stakeholders are interested in and learn about common tools and techniques for communicating financial information to them.

Ongoing refreshment

You’ll have access to the course for up to a year, so you can search by topic for a quick refresh anytime.

Professional development

All learning resources available in the CGMA Store qualify for CPD for CIMA members.

Format:Course - Online
Access:This is a digital product. You will have access to the content for a year after purchase date.

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£159.00 (CIMA members only)


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