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Cyber Defenders Part One: Cyber Threats and What To Do About Them


19 April, 2021

12:30 pm - 1:30 pm BST


Cyber Defenders Part One: Cyber Threats and What To Do About Them

Speaker: Rob Cowgill

Location: Virtual

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    1 hour

This essential workshop is led by PC Rob Cowgill, WYP Force Cyber Protect Officer. Understand why your organisation is being targeted – who are the threat actors and what you and your team should do.

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Duration:1 hour
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Programme outline

Part One of the Cyber Defenders will enable attendees to identify why their organisation could be at risk and who might want to target them. PC Rob Cowgill will discuss in detail, who might be behind an attack; how to avoid the danger of being manipulated by social engineering and how to protect your organisation from such a threat.

Learning outcomes include:

  • Who is behind Cyber Attacks?
  • Introduction into Social Engineering
  • Defending against phishing attacks

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  • Rob Cowgill

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    PC Rob Cowgill was previously the lead on Cybercrime training for West Yorkshire Police new recruits.

    He joined the Police in 2007 as a front-line Police Officer, based in Bradford. He soon began to mentor, tutor and assess new recruits that joined, before becoming the lead Cybercrime trainer for Foundation Training at West Yorkshire Police (WYP).

    Rob joined WYP Cybercrime Team in 2018 as the Force Cyber PROTECT Officer where his primary role was to engage with businesses and academia providing national advice and guidance.

    He has developed a vast array of business networking contacts, which helped him with the development of Project Cerebral- a competition which was designed to ‘pit the wits’ of students from Universities across the West Yorkshire area, he has extensive experience of speaking at forum, group and cluster events, he has designed and delivered Cyber Defenders- a training package specifically aimed at SMEs, Charities, and the legal and accountancy sectors, for a non-technical audience (who may have little or no knowledge of cyber security), in order to develop that human firewall within an organisation.

    He can deliver tailored awareness sessions based on the national messages as well as workshops, to reduce those vulnerabilities within your network.