Make a step change in your career this year

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What do you want to achieve professionally in 2019? Now is the time to start planning your learning journey for the next 12 months. Whether you’re looking to delve into data analytics, reshape with robotics or upskill in Excel, you’ll find resources here on the CGMA Store to support your development.

Data analytics - analytics is the art and science of identifying, filtering and analysing Big Data to add business value. Skill up and you could transform not only finance, but your whole organisation.

Disruption - the finance and accounting profession is being transformed by new technologies. Blockchain. Automation. Artificial Intelligence. Cybersecurity. Get the resources you need to harness key technologies.

People & leadership - accountancy isn’t just a numbers game: to succeed you need to be a people person too. You can be a better leader by learning the finer points of collaboration, team building and motivation, communication and coaching.

Excel - most finance professionals don’t get beyond second gear in Excel. But with these resources, which are designed just for professionals like you, you can rule Excel and unlock its huge potential.

Take inspiration from this CFO

"Big data analytics, AI, blockchain and crypto-currencies have dominated accounting magazines and technology magazines over the past two years. The more I read about it, the more I realise how little I know about these topics. This year I would like to expand my knowledge on at least one of these topics to the point where I could call myself knowledgeable in that area. The area that would benefit our company the most, lending it priority, would be data analytics."

Daniel Ferreira, Chief Financial Officer – Car Hire Brokers (Pty) Ltd, A Motus Corporation company

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The future of finance global research project

The pace of change is shortening the shelf life of learned knowledge. Careers become a cycle of learning. And when your knowledge becomes irrelevant, you unlearn it to provide capacity to learn the relevant new things that have replaced them.

Our survey asked respondents to think about the biggest gaps that exist in terms of the skills and talent required to address the challenges organisations face in a digital world. The top three skills gaps are:

  1. Business partners (business acumen, behavioural, leadership)

  2. Data and analytics (data modelling, data science)

  3. Business solutions architect (integrating functional and IT solutions)

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