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Analytics is the art and science of identifying, filtering and analysing Big Data to add business value. Skill up and you could transform not only finance, but your whole organisation.

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Data Analytics Certificate Programs

A comprehensive 5-part certificate program that provides training and practical guidance on data analytics. Covers the fundamentals, application, data modeling, forecasting and predicative analytics, and data visualization.

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Data Analytics Executive Program

When you can distill vast amounts of information into actionable insights, you're on your way to becoming a data-driven business leader. Our course empowers you to enable everyone within your organisation to use data – and to maintain a strategic advantage over competitors in the modern business environment.

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Data Analytics for Finance Managers

Drawing from the best practices of effective data-driven organisations, this course will help finance leaders develop thoughtful analytics to deliver data-driven insights and drive organisational growth.


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Analytics and Big Data for Accountants

In this course, you will learn about major trends in analytics affecting your organisation and apply new data analytics tools for reporting and advising decision makers.

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MBAexpress: Presenting Numbers for Impact

This course discusses how to effectively deliver numbers-oriented information to non-financial audiences.

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Microsoft PowerBI series

Microsoft PowerBI took Excel from a low-end data analytic aid to one of the most sophisticated and comprehensive tools. This series shows you how each PowerBI tool reduces challenges and improves your data analytic skills.

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