Make emerging technologies work for you

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You've read 'The CGMA mindset for a digital future' and you're inspired to embrace disruptive technology and develop a growth mindset. What's next?

Deepen your knowledge of the featured topics and expand your skill-set with our suite of CPD resources.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning - AI is considered the fastest moving technology in history, so stay ahead of the curve and prepare for the revolution by exploring the possibilities of what AI can do for you and your business.

Data Analytics - With the deluge of data being collected by organisations and the desire to unlock meaningful business insights, data analytics is not just a trending topic, it is a critical skillset for success in today's business environment.

Emotional Intelligence - Develop the skills that make you uniquely human and position you to take advantage of the new opportunities that await.

Automation - Software robots can collect and process manual transactions far more effectively and efficiently than humans. Learn how to implement this technology today.

Blockchain - Blockchain is reshaping the future of the accounting profession as more organisations are investing in and adopting blockchain solutions.

Cybersecurity - Take your place at the forefront of cybersecurity. Get the knowledge you need to proactively manage cybersecurity threats and help protect your organisation.

Finance Transformation - What your finance team looks like now is not what it will need to look like in the near future. To remain competitive, you must take advantage of the efficiencies of automation and reskill your staff. That’s why we created the Finance Transformation Learning Program, in association with KPMG. Composed of three certificates, the Manage Disruption Certificate is the first in the series.

Finance Business Partnering - With advances in technology, traditional accounting roles are being disrupted as routine tasks are being automated, so your value now lies in your ability to advise and influence your business. To become a successful Finance Partner you need the skills to lead and influence people within the organisation.